Thursday, April 21, 2011

Movies To You

In my boring time, one of my hobby to killing time at the dormitory is watching DVD !!! Through dvd, i can open my eyes, there is still another life beside my life now. I can see many things without go there or feel another situation that could life gift us. Because at life, we can't know what will be it present to us. We just can sit here and waiting, what else? we wait and prepare ourselves and do best. So we can have a good preparation even never can be one hundred percent. Like my favourite quotations, Victory Loves Preparation... :)

#1 Movie

Last movie i watched is WE ARE FAMILY, india movie that touching heart. Tell us about the broken-home family and the daddy who already have another woman to married, kareena kapoor who are an ambitious career woman try to adapt her life with her boyfriend. Quite romantic, especially when Aman and Kareena looks like fall in love to each other. Hmm. Looks a little bit like me! The messages of the story is if you believe in love, you should always believe to your love and make it last forever for all of your life. The precious moment is when you are around people who you loved and loved you back bigger. Love for everyone !!!

#2 Movie

The second movie i watched is WEDDING DRESS... Don't ask me. Drama korea movies always makes me cry and makes me feels so guilty and sad about my life. The story was epic, i give all my finger for the actrees's act !!! The little kids are so cute and adorable, and the story is close to our life. About a very busy woman that become a mother and not make her daughter as a priority, until her life is changed when she realized that she is sick and not life for a long time anymore... The messages at this story is you just life once, never spent it to something you would regret. Be grateful for every moment you spent with your family, your mom, daddy, children, friends, you will never know when you will lose them. And when you lose them you will never regret that you are already give your best attitude and spent your best moment with them. So, just think more wiser and more realize that every moment should be gratefull.

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