Saturday, June 4, 2011

coming home !!!

At first i just not being grateful and start to complain about my life after i see how much life outside my life now.  But i realize, this is my way, and my only way to life.  I still have a choice, to make it right or to make it wrong.  And when i watched TV i listen a beautiful quotes "You can lose your youth, but never make you lose your future".  And i know, what i can do now just believe it will be happen the greatest way even sometimes i can't understand because God do it mysteriously.

Now i really enjoy my holidays ! a red mark on calendar and the good news is finally i can get my freedom out of mess. To stay two nights at home. Really enjoy my time! So precious time to life outside the dormitory! I just get bored. But i know i must make it enjoyable to me.  Everywhere i am, just be the happiest one. :) Happy holidays !!! :)

By the way, finally i can get my own room. I almost leave it about one year :'( How i miss my 'own personal stuff' !

A comfort bed to long long sleep ;)

 A cupboard with all my clothes *while i live at dormitory my sister sometimes move it to her room* :p
My desks and some of my favourite books
 My place to watching TV, desk to studying when i still at high school*actually i have a new desk one, but my sister move it to her room ;p*, a soundsystem to a cool sounds effect and at the shelves in the box is all my dvd collection :)
My windows to the garden and my piano *My course stops when i got to college and live at dormitory, now noone play it when i'm not at home and i can't play it right yet* :(

 My spot goes online :)
  My high school wall of fame. I hope i can renew it after i stay at here for a long time :)

Hmmm... Thats a little part of my life.  Because sometimes i feel glad to share even to people i don't know or even to myself.  I hope i will always remember this, my up and down lifes when i look at this blog.  Actually i use blog to changes my old habbit write at a diary *you can look it above my clothes cupboard there is a box that contains all my diary from elementary to hogh school* Sometimes i don't satisfy yet if i share with some of my friends about my daily life, because they will have their own opinion, but if i share with things (diary books or blogs), i could reflect to myself how far i am and i can look it at the future and makes a new opinion and make a little awareness about myself.

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