Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Life is funny, when you want to being busy, you can do it all without a space and then you just can make time to everything.  But when you start to getting lazy and procastination, all your time will get suck and voila, you can doing nothing worth.

For now, i want to being busy, keep running through the day so i dont have to lie down at my bed, wondering and start to feel alone and leave behind.  Today i just want to run so i can forget how good walk is, today i want to run so i can remember how good it is to keep moving.

I will do what i can do whatever its, pushing my limit, doing something i think i cant do, learn many things new until i dont have a long space to know where i am.  I want to do all of it, all chances, all the craziest and weirdest dream.  I want it all.

Please make me stay awake, to make me remember, that i should forget about it all.

11.47 p.m
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