Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Who Watch The Watcher

So recently this hierarchy system may build so good foundation, so reasonable and strong structure.  But what if this system corrupted by incapability person that makes very immoral act.  The harshness that violate people's right.  The unfounded reason that build up to destroy the pure purpose then substituting the act just to feed their ego.  At 'this system' the domination and the power that had by 'the watcher' just violate person's right by broke people's property with the reason to educate.   

Educate? What is the purpose to educate? What is the basic standard of morality, of behaviour? If mostly people judging something, is it really right? What if their conclusion and judgement is basically wrong? who's the protector of the weak and minor people? 
Education basicly from wiki is the general sense of form of learning in which knowledge, skills and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, research or simply through autodidactism.  When it comes to experience then we can stand by just one situation, isn't it? So what if this educational purpose go off the track because of the pesonality is have a psychological's problem? 

I dont know, maybe in this (un)fair world, there is so many unfair things too.  Afterall, everything will comes back to ourself, which way we choose to respond? How we can make it fair with the version of ourself? How far and what consequence we can through to make the justice?

From my perspective, some problems and unjustice will neglect if we don't know the better solution or the smart way to protect ourself or we dont have authority to change.  But people will remember, violate will make scars to people's heart and they can take their own conclusion how to react.  To make the lesson learned and stay away from problem's we can't control then just focus to our bigger purpose.  To make a better change.  Can we?

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