Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Political Will

Aristotle said, human is zoon politicon. It comes from the idea that when we grow, instinctly grow our individualist characters, the passion to feed our ego.  Sometimes it can comes immoral, or egoistic based by principles we had.  Our interest, could be very ambitious or low, based by our individual character.  Finally it could end up to the power issues.  How we have power to feed our needs, by the resources.  The resources in this world is limited, so we compete each other to have an access to that.  John Locke said it is valid to do everything needs to get what we want, lay aside everything that may people see not right.

Ambitious goal, i think is the most motivational trigger for us to reach our limit, to maximize our potential.  But also, can't deny the morality things.  The basic principles of morality that also synchronize with our pure heart, it is the kindness, equality, equity, liberty, goodness value that could we apply to our daily principles.  So what we do are not conflicted with ourself.  Doing something good, is also give us a composure because we do something right, or we'r on the right path that can't harm another.  In this complicated human's behaviour we can't stand by ourselves.  We live in a social environment that also needs our empathy, careness, friendship, connection to make us feel more alive.  To not only feed our ego but also feed our basic need to give, share, love and have a social life.  So finally it will come to us again, what would we do to complete our needs? What path would we choose?

In politics, there are many issues that may ruin our perception about whats going on.  The greedy politican, the cheater one could make people losing trust.  People start to feel betrayed because of so many cases that we read on newspaper, watch in television and see with our own eyes that something is going wrong in this system.  The corruption, collution and nepotism is the ugly disease start make our system collapse.  People start whisper the badness of politics then the chaos start when this country lead by someone who people can't trust.  Government will lose their legitimate and their authority to make the rule when people start to ignore and revolt.  I hope this phenomenon will not happen, because i still optimist with the potential of the youth people.  The new idea has come based by people's loathe of the foul system, the new methods of leadership, the new reformation's of bureacration has developed to bring changes.  One of the interesting methods of leadership i admire for now is Jokowi-Ahok because the spirit and the right idea to come lower, going down to collect the voice of minority people.  Then, they are comes from independent's lane, even could bring some intern issues, but also they can think out of box to not really affect by many interest and responsibility to sets their political party's will.  

Then sometimes i wonder, can i make any difference in this system?  How could i participate and involve to not just curse the darkness but also have a capability and chance to light a candle ? So when i asked to myself i had a question comes back to me, what i will do to make it? how far i will make an effort to make it happen?  So with this path and what i do now, this only possible direction for me to reach my own satisfaction is to doing this right.  I hope.

“A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.” 
― Barack Obama

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