Saturday, January 12, 2013

Politic's Misconception?

Managements is an art, said Mary Parker Follet.  Then, what should we do with politics? In this complicated era that makes us more in conflicted zone with the governments, political parties, non-governmental organizations, etc then sometimes we could make a rush conclusion or question, is our system runs in chaos? We can turn on our television and see chaos everywhere, corrupted bureaucrats, corrupted leaders, corrupted firms even corrupted civils. You can see all in the news.  Then, what’s the missing points of all this?

As an ordinary student in a 7th semester in Social and Politics Science I should be worried.  Too many things to worry, even such in my environment.  There is no certain future, nor certain theory to save alive going through this field object.  Not as science or another hematics that have an absolute pattern or theory to apply.  This field, has nothing substanstial but chaos (hypothetichally, of course).   Even I hope we will make some movement that closely to progress with what we have now, like potential leaders and experts.

A little example can come from our environment, if we have different leader, we will have different people that would be judge not because of their achievement or work, but how far they known each other and have emotional relationship.  There is no standard with that, people choose based by their intuition (maybe?) or their personal knowledge about this person’s information.  Only if they want to dig deeper, maybe they will find that wrong.  Then, to much tolerance to each other then no passion at work (?).  I think many people not really doing what they want to do.  Not many people feel ambitious about what they do and sometimes what I see in the government is the people who start boring about their job so they can’t serve as well.  People gets wrong motivation, then gets no proper reward about what they do.  

I don’t know if I have a (right or proper) capability to have my own judgement.  With my ordinary eye’s perspective, I just see there is so many holes in this system so people can make it flexible as their own excuse, or sometimes people just not see what I see, do they ?.

“Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.” 

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