Saturday, March 2, 2013


I dont know how much i must fall again and again. To start all over again after all of this.  I will never make a new start. I will never get rid of the shadows.  I want to be free, but i cant. There is something in there hold me back. Don't care how much i success to not look back. But he is there. laugh at me.
My biggest regret, biggest hole that keep me fall again and again. Time cant help it anymore because today, when i wake up, all i see is you. My biggest failure that keep hunting me. The feeling when i wake up in the morning, the itchy, the hole in my heart that hold my breath when i see you. I want it stop but i cant.  I cant because everytime i want to stop there is something reminds me of you. Something makes me go to the same page, same mistakes, same foolness and wasted feeling. It is my choice but i cant do anything, can i ?

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