Monday, March 18, 2013

Go On

How are you? Next month is exact one year you left me behind.  Life is go on, and cant stop.  Now you'r already move on and have another person to loving you. And you love her more.

About three days ago accidentaly i met you at a cafe. Me with my friend so do you. We just have the nice conversation then try to ignore each other.  I dont know, maybe i know that i cant keep loving you then i push my self really hard to not feel again.  And i succeed. Finally i know i can stop this feeling.  Even i still miss you. A lot.

I know i still can't have another people to love in my life.  Or maybe i can find another man, but i dont want to.  I dont know.  Relationship be the funny thing for me now.  Because for now i just in a confused state, and i'm not in a hurry to find it.  Because i know that i still have another feeling.

I dont know.  But i know i'm on my way. To something i dont know too. 

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