Thursday, March 28, 2013

A (Little) Contribution

Recently just get busy because projects at Sungai Pangkalan Satu village.  I think because this village won  award of the Best Village's Model at Kalimantan Barat, award of Peduli Lingkungan Hutan, and award of Best Library in 2012 our team don't need extra efforts to rehab the administration or facilities.  We learn a lot here.  I think because the people is very dedicated, open minded and have a will to help, especially the village's head or we called it 'Pak Pong' a.k.a 'Kepala Kampong'.  He always monitoring the way of youth's life.  The culture of hang out or 'nongkrong nongkrong' are not complete if he is not around to talk a little or give a joke.  He also control the problem of many people here, like using drugs or alcohols.  So the people here are respect the Village's head and He is willing to help 24 hours and solve people's problem.  

I think this quality of leader are needed beside of the people's character who follow the leader too.  They need to respect, willing to help others, open minded and would do anything positive to make them place improved.  Our existence here would be end for 4 days, even i will take these days to take a trip to the island.  I will miss and remind this place.  Humble people, open minded, and have a will to help each other.
The city people, nowadays i think have this quality to.  Because we have same root-cultures.  The main problem is the 'city-people' is too busy and too lazy to socialite with their own environment.  Some of them would be have a big ambition to make anyhing effective, doing anything, like make a friendship, with a bigger purpose, like for their work, their career, or even for their future, to have some potential spouse.  So this purpose would eliminate the neighbours, and people they meet accidentaly.

So here, some documentation what i do, paint the monument of Sungai Pangkalan Satu, give a socialization with the dentist to brushing teeth for children, give a lesson of daily conversation for elementary children, and cleared the cement for little park and pond we made.  Fun !

Four weeks i spent here was great.  Dont think to do it again but beside of 'insect bite' that makes my skin is flaw and the lack of water i think this volunteering are the greatest experience ever.  Because not like the volunteering before this time we have our own projects, our own money and not bound to office's time.  So we could choose our time to socialization, doing project and synchronize our project with the village's plan.

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