Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Perspective at New Horizon

For a month, since 3 March 2013 until 2 April 2013. I stay at Sungai Pangkalan Satu Village, Bengkayang Regency, Kalimantan Barat Province.  I will do some programs which designed by my team for a little of dedication to village.  We have programs that have a target to improve the administrations, socials, infrastructures and spirituals at the village.  Even Sungai Pangkalan Satu's village already won the best village at the regional  competition but i hope our contribution there would make some inspiration for the people to keep going better.  
I really like the village's life.  Simple and calm. The people are amazing, they are really open, especially the village's chief.  He could give us opportunity to blend with all the people in there. At first i dont have any idea what to do.  But with all the idea that continue and the spirit to work and give something to this village.  I hope finally we can make some proper programs that can help local people. 
Sometimes i wonder if i can buy a house at a village, then take a few months to take vacation and live simply there.  Just to enjoy the circumstances there, to clear my head.  Especially a nice house at the shoreside. :)

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