Sunday, February 9, 2014


Watching some random movie about silly love. Eating mie instead of something under the hood of food.  Writing at this blog instead of doing something more useful.  Life is this, life is that.  I read the book you never read, because i know you dont read, any book at all.  Sleeping and then waking up feeling horrible cause of the vision looking my ex, its a pain.  And then awake, doing anything that can distract me, trying hard to feel positive, do positive, doing anything makes me busy, killing the bad feeling.  It is something i must deal everyday, everyday is a fight, sometimes you lost, sometimes you win. But i still want to see another bright sky, another wind that going through my face and then i close my eyes to enjoy anything life brings to me.  I still want to feel ache on my eyes when i see the sky from my window, the tree, the birds, the sleeping cat.  This is my life, anything could happen.  But i will step forward, leaving all the thing in the past behind.  

Here i am now. 
Nothing else matter.

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