Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy 23

No flower this time because i know i just love to being alone, with my self and my mind.  Its not meant that i hate to have some relationship, but some people dissapoint me.  I know i must stop expect much from people, i should.  But sometimes i think i need time to be totally for my self, not have much worry to not make people dissapointed then failed to make my self happy.   

There is so many things i still want to figure out in this world, my passion, my compassion.  I know i deserve to happy.  To be selfish.  To be strong on my own.

Its funny because i almost forgot today is my birthday if one of unknown number message me at 12.15 am when i read it at 5 am then reply it with "Thankyou, but who is it?".  Sometimes we close enough to people but not that close. Sometimes we strange to people but we feel that close.

23 years is just a number, a sign that symbolize moment i spent.  The moment that record in my head like a flash, my experience, what i've been through, good or bad, happy or sad is passed.  Today i have to remember what i've been through and look straight for today. To stop and take a break from all of this.  Remind me that i'm old enough now and must take responsibility for what i did.  And i deserve to do something better than before.  To take a lesson and learn from whatever happened at the past and make something better and good for the future.

Today, i wish my self to be better, and to be happy. 
Happy birthday, dear me. :)

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