Thursday, May 7, 2015

Goodbye, Lovers.

taken at crystal jade my bread pontianak

I'm failed, from the start.  I already fail to understand.  Then to convince my self that i can do this.  I lied.  The truth is just like a shadow that will always haunt my run, and i cant run anymore.  People says time is everything, but i know i can decide my time, my deadline to end this hollow circle.  I'm done.  Even now i really doubt my self being strong enough to walk away.  To be someone who leaving not left.  Because my whole life i always feel like being left by someone i loved.  And thats me, the weaker one.

But i'm so tired, even the happy things have a limit.  I hope, this is my limit.  I already try my best but this is what i got.  Then i know its enough and i should move on.  I still love you like the first time we met, for sure.  But everything just not as easy as falling in love.  Especially when i'm the one who carry it by my self.  Everything will be okay? will it be dear?

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