Saturday, May 2, 2015

For A Future We Will Never Know

*taken at oz cafe and eatery.

For a future we will never know. If i can ask you a question right now for a question i would like you to answer, it will be nice.  To see what is the best for me.  To surround my self that will good.  But a right or wrong answer i cant see it now, i cant see it through.

Am i happy? Yes. But that kind of happy that wont last forever.  Nothing last forever, so why bother?
But in this life, there is some attachment that just never let yourself free.  A shadow that will haunt you everywhere you go.

Dear future, i'm tired of trying and making question, you will never know, you will never answer.  So why i even write this.  To realize that i must solve this to making peace with my self, to tell my self that is okay to not have all the answer.  To tell my self that, there is a future there, will be a bright side, or a dark side thats only future.  Whats matter now is what matters now.  Relax, and enjoy it.  Fill it with so much things that finally you can be so tired and forget to think, forget to feel, and just sleep, to see whats happen next. I dare you to come, future, for make war, but i really hope you come and make a peace.  At least a peace with myself.

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