Friday, June 24, 2011

Delicious Mind

I visiting this blog,
very interesting blog because it post food and beverages that looks delicious. When i was kid, i always interested with have experiment with foods, with fried rice, i imagine i was a chef and i cook delicious, but the result sometimes the fried rice taste weird. :P And the photography at that blog is good so its combine with arts and foods. 

For now, i can't learn to cook because i life at dormitory and we are not allowed to do that.When i was kid, my mom always told me to not annoy her when she cooked because i will messed it up.  So when i grow up, i really want to learn cooking so when i'm getting married than, i want to buy fresh food everyday and delicious food for my husband so both of us will experiment with delicious food.  I want to cook healthy and delicious food so my husband will be missing my cooked ! 
I imagine every morning, i wake up early and he will start a day with a kisses from me and he will wake up with smelling a good breakfast. Hmm. I wish i could do that.  So now, because i still can't learn how to cook, i kept my dream to serve my 'potential' husband with delicious food.  And if i have a chance later, of course i want to take that !!! :)

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