Thursday, June 23, 2011


apa guna punya ilmu tinggi
kalau hanya untuk mengibuli
apa guna banyak baca buku
kalau mulut kau bungkam melulu
 di mana-mana moncong senjata berdiri gagah kongkalikong dengan kaum cukong . . .
. . . sajakku
adalah kebisuan yang sudah kuhancurkan sehingga aku bisa mengucapkan
dan engkau mendengarkan sajakku
melawan kebisuan
-Wiji Thukul

For some reason, i really love this guy.  The way he tell people how destiny is not fair to him, even sometimes i don't agree.  He kept too much pain for himself.  He missing until now.  It's very amazing because he came from the poor, can make a beautiful words.  I can listen his voice, his pain, and i can feel hurt and hate for people.  That is the bad side.  Because now i want to say : Enough.  Enough for hating, enough for being grumpy, enough.  I still can live well. I   will proof i can survive.  I will proof i can stand until the end! Lets fight.

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