Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why Write ?

Sometimes, i asking to myself? Why i write blog? Why i still write at blog but i never like all people i know read my blog, knowing my daily thought, judge about me.  I write blog, not anonymously.  I like to write.  But i'm not ready to publish my thought for all people.  At the real world, i'm a person who can be friends for anyone, i can be your friends just in a few minutes, maybe you will be my -people i ever seen- but not really friends.  A friends for me, not for a quantity, not about how much i have friends a day, but about quality.  How mych quality time i spent with that person.  Until now the greatest friend of mine is : My daddy ; Maybe when i still life at home we always argue and i can't agreed with him, but when i'm going to college, i start to see a different side of him, and we can discuss about many interesting things more intense than before.  Second is, my boyfriend, with him, i can spent all night long discuss so many things, even sometimes we have fight and annoyed with each other i can't deny how i love talking to him, even sometimes he don't listen and i feel like want to kick him. Hmm... We got punishment at our dormitory, so we can't use handphones and can't go out for four weeks.  Then i decided to write all my thought here besides my job to study for final exam and got a yahoo messenger from my boyfriend. Happy Thursday anyone :)

#Still 28 Days Left to Freedom

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