Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Turning Point

Life is a funny thing. When you convinve about one thing, then came out that you now nothing. You dont know about people, even sometimes you cant be so sure about yourself.   I ever be so sure about something, about the future, but it ended up i fail. Biggest fail and biggest regret in my life is when i be so sure about what will happen in the future.  In fact, we can predict future but there is no predictable future.  Many things happen for now, and being single, i mean with no relationship like this, no really close friend.  I think i have some space to know my self again without any intervene of others.  Just people who can support me and find my self more.  I think this is the right time, without anythings hold me, or give some advice and give me pressure to do anything.  I even can left my handphone and have no worry.  I'm free to choose where i want to be, be free to decide to taste some new food or beverage, to break the law or to doubt my own faith.
Turning point, to find who i am.  Because when you lose something, the next is your turn to find again.

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