Saturday, April 20, 2013

Better System For Better Government?

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In this digital era, the progress of technology  is very fast, and everyone who can't follow, could left behind and can't compete at this competitive era. So, government whom ask to serve civilians better, must adapt the   newest technology, even try some innovative idea for more effective and efficient systems.  The chance that innovative or technology could fail then inflict financial loss for the government? Well, at least the government could evaluate and keep up the procedure and theory, then make it based by civilian's needs.  Because government is wanted by people who needs their answer about these people's problem.  Then every problem, must fastly take-over and the gov's must have the better solution that can give win-win solutions.

e-Procurement comes as the answer for the 70-80% corruption case at government's goods and services contracts.  That mostly the corruptor manipulate the calculation, give bribe to win the tender.  Ironic, when you can't trust people anymore, then Indonesia adapt technology from United States.  The technology can minimization the frequent of connection between people and people, then make it to people-machine-people.  This method, for now is the better system than before.  Because the trust issue: "You can trust machine, you can trust software, but never people".

So, can we find who to blame? The people who create the system to eliminate the connection between people to people, people who can't trust other or the human that understand their own emotions, whom easily distract and tempt for money, better offer with minimum risk? 

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