Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sweet Escape

Recently i just go out. Not the smartest holiday, i think but i take a risk to have a trip with people i dont know, with less equipment.  I go to Randayan island, then almost sink because our boat have problem with the water pumps.  Then my bags was drained.  Just getting worse when i put my galaxy tab, blackberry and digital camera there.  But when it happen, i dont know i just feel calm. I dont know maybe just a little bit relief, to know that i dont bring anything else in this world, and i would left this world without anything too.

At the island, with people who i dont really know.  I feel free. Free from judgement and attachment. That i know this life is short, and enjoy anything universe give to you.  Be pure, dont whining, just close your eyes, and enjoy it. 

Too much attachment would broke you when you cant let it go.  Anything would come, anything would left.  Save your energy from the wasted complaint. 

Be free. From people. From your expectation. From yourself.  

(did i mention before i just lost my digital camera? :P)

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