Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fate or random circumstance ?

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At first i would so hesitant.  Can i feel something to someone again? Dont really think my past is traumatic but almost succeed make me pull my self out from a kind of feeling from before.  I try to accept some people but it just dont work.  Then i become so pessimist.  Until i meet someone i already know, then for the first time he just call me from 1am until +-4am.  We talk a lot about absurd things, but its just the feeling i can't forget.  I never talk so much to someone after about one year i break up with my ex.  With him i just talk shit and not important things.  Then next day i just can't stop smiling.  We practically ever meet about 4 years ago, but i never really know him. Then after a few conversation, voila. Don't understand the thought that hit me. To be with someone that so far away. And face the fact that we can't meet until next three months. Really don't know what i'm doing, practically not logic but can we go back to the fact that we just human?  *excusesss... Just have a rare feeling. But i think it is worth to try. I will try my best.  Hope he would do the same. 

Dear fate or random circumstance, thankyou very much.

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