Thursday, April 11, 2013


In my life, after a 'disaster' and haunted of past.  Now i keep move on.  Life through anything in front of me.  Do what i want to do, without much expectation but do what i can do.  Even now i try to get into relationship but i dont think i'm ready.  Then realize i end up hurt anyone else so i decide to stop.  Stop pretend and force my feeling into some relationship again.  Then just let it go.  I dont want to think about it.  My priority just changed and i know there is more to life than that feeling.  Or maybe the right person still not come. I dont know, i just want to clear out my feeling for now.  Enjoy every sunrise and every sunset. Blend with some new people, flirt with any guy i want but not yet get into deep relation again.  Don't want to far away from people but not too close to.  Maybe just in the middle.  To keep in balance, to keep my logic and my feeling separate so may i can make it healed or maybe stronger.  Then go for my dream and focus to do what needed to do.  Then, go out and life, do what you want to do, while you try more to reach your dream. Happy Thursday, anyone.

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