Sunday, September 4, 2011


My lovely shoes that always accompany me in sadness nor happiness *blink*

I am simple person that not too much caring about going to shop, i love shopping, but i don't want to waste my money for temporary things, i really prefer to buy something that i could use-forever.  *Its not an adds* but at Idul Fitri i always buy one shoes.  And this year, then last year i buy one shoes that have same brand : vicari from buccheri's shop.  Its cheap for me, about 100.000-200.000 rupiah, then other shop at mall that when i put one shoe to look around i just look at the price 700.000 and second shoes i put 800.000 rupiah. Ouch ouch.  It hurts, people ! Why they are sooo expensive! i may have money, but its not for SHOES, that i will not use it anywhere~ i just make it once for my holiday, and then one year i must spent at my dormitory using uniform in whole day, than its not worth for me ! Arghh . Then i should thing to open the shoe's shop ! Then i could use and make any model i love ! LOL.  :)

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