Sunday, September 4, 2011


descripting what i'm passionate about ?
 My friends tried to stand 'pinang' for panjat pinang competition
 The local kids, going to the top of 'pinang's tree then get some merchandise :)
The elementary kids, playing 'Balap Karung' to compete others getting some merchandise

this picture was taken by android apps, retrocamera with my galaxy tabs
taken at Kecamatan Balai, Kabupaten Sanggau,17 august 2011

i am passionate about life and all things i can explore with all my potential.  I am hard-worker, easy-going, and easy to adapt with anything.  I have a big passionate to learning and doing.  Especially fot my future job : a bureaucrat.  In my country, the biggest fail of government and the biggest mistakes is : to much case of corruption that makes government going to bangkrupt, then the biggest pathetic things is : too much poor and public's problem that makes our country left behind the other country. I know since i was kids, Indonesia is rich, multiculture, and beautiful, but not anyone could enjoyed it because the lack of infarstructure, the damaged road that makes access to other place is hard, the electricity that can't enjoyed by all of the civil, the water, hard to get, the acceess of public service like health and other.  And me? Now i'm a government's students with scholarship, will not waste my country's money. i want a change for my country and make my best to helping poor.  I want to see their pure smile, and a relief, because they will have the same chance.

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