Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Kinship System

Case of Balai’s Subdistrict : The Kinship System

                “The system that based by kinship, will not bring anywhere but nepotism,” that is the common issues that i ever heard about the kinship’s system.   But when i feel the circumstances there the common issues that i looked just by my guess is not really right.  Not just nepotism, we can't deny all the wrong path and people who use that for the bad purpose, just see it clearly have some benefits too, about having and build a deep partnertship that having a good purpose, for better service to others.
                The kinship system is one way for us to look who’s the best, with seeing regular activities of person we choose, thats why they determine their village chief with electing.  They are the really person who knew each other.  Push away the manipulation behind it, they would calm and give their right to choose people they want, the participation there increased well.  I think it may be different at the town, when people’s being busy with their plans and close their doors tightly. They’d distrusful to each other, because you don’t know who is your friend or your enemies. 
Then with kinship system, that in my opinion just works at village’s range, means all of the policy that  we had, that’s based by a meeting with all of the element there, there must be the bureaucrat, the policy-maker, civil society, whose could be there to speak up and tell you the truth and the fact they found at the reality. 
                At my ‘PPK’ or Practice for Work’s Experience, i meet some people, whose really care about their environment, even i meet people who have a politic’s things too behind their back, i meet people in simplicity, i found them live without all the luxury facilities but they still get drunk, put some ciggarette or laughing with friends, for them, life is simple like its looks:they just think about what will they eat today, or what will they harvest from their field.  They make it simply.  Maybe i just be an outsider that no have any right to judge what they feel just with look at their face.  But they so look nice and sincere.  I feel acceptable anywhere, especially origins than newcomers.

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