Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Holiday is closely over.  Now we try to start a new fight for dreams, hopes, and all wanted things in life.  
I prayed for my lifes, my family, my campus, my social-lifes, my academics, my skills, my relationships to getting better and better. Life is short, i want to design it with all the right thing and right way, then i want to pray and do all my best for keep things going.  I want to keep up my fire to be passionate and more passionate to through life, i want to more motivated to success, i want more and more, and playing life like a game thats not about winning, but getting involved and having desired to do what you do.
My future job maybe not the best job that i ever imagined, but i force myself to like it, teach myself to keep being grateful then learn as much as i could absorb with my brain.
Start a new things, keep motivate, do my best, and pray, so i have accompany to keep me to strong, God.
Start a new semester with bismillahirahmanirrahim...

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