Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lemukutan Island

Last Friday-Saturday, 20-21 September i just went to Lemukutan Island, with the connection my friend had with the owner of small house at that island and for rent the boat. Me and my friends, about 25 people was went there.

I feel so relaxed, and have time to talk about absurd things with my friend, B.  At the night i just have time alone, sitting in the darkness to think about so many things that happened in my life.

Sometimes i have a dream to life simply like at the village with peaceful place, no crowd, no technology, close to the beach and close to the nature.  Then all the things in this world i should worry just about how i survive then eat, then sit along day with real physical things.

I really like this holiday, because its not just a holiday, it can give me more inspiration to life.  Then i can give my best at what i have because i have the comparison and see about people at other's conditions life.  Sometimes i just wonder what if i born in some different life, and think am i happy with what i get?  Or can i be happy if i feel the other's side of fate?

I still have no idea, and life is full of mystery, but i really want to enjoy what the universe give to me.  It is the only things i have.


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