Monday, September 24, 2012

Movie's series : Touch

The film start from the idea of indigo child, that usually indicated to autism.  In this movie, the child is also can read the 'red thread' that was the myth.  The myth said that somewhere the red thread is exist, control us, then sometimes it could be loose or tight, but never breaks.  Its amazing how this idea that developed in this story goes, how small things could make other many versions of probability could happen.  How little things in your life could effect so many more after.  I could shed tears while i watching, not because of romantic plot , but really touch.  How things could be beautiful because of little things at fate's play.  It inspire me to make another though of why i exist in this world, what kind of purpose, what i suppose to be or to do? Does what happen to me now, is my choice? or is it the better for me or i can have another chance to get all things right?
For now, i think i still have a big hole in my heart, sometimes i think i losing something, something unfinish, sometimes i just need a closure at what i desire.  But this is life, the process you are going through.  At the end its not the end of our life, we know all of us will facing death, its the process, its the journey you will going through.  New people, new idea, new perception, new situation that may happening to you when you are not ready yet to release your past.  I feel it.  How i still adhere to my past and how it left the hole in my heart.  Is this the best chance to happen to me or is this the purpose why i life for now? To fill the empty hole with so many things, peoples, dreams and many more? I still dont know yet.  But i really want to believe it could turn to great things.  Or may i need some luck to keep my insanity to through this life.  Anyway, i really loveee this series, make me keep open mind and think to believe in fate because it may bring us to the right place even now we feel the different.  Can't wait to see next episodes !!! :)


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