Friday, May 3, 2013


Sometimes, we lied to ourself, for unavoidable problems, bitter facts, or spontaneous desire.  And then, we ended feel sorry and feel so pathetic.  How i can trust someone i barely know to handle my feeling? How i can be that naive? Then i read a nice article about how people lied to themselves.  Its okay to lying, to keep our feeling better, to manipulate our mind so we can cheer up face another messy day.  What is truth? Its absurd and there is no clear standard to define that. So why so worry? Live for today like you dont have tomorrow and love like you can't runout of it. Be fragile, be broken then adapt any changes in your life. I ever read an advice to talk to any human you'll meet. Read book you never think to read, talk to everyone, dont judge, explore more in life, go travel and see the world with all of the possibilty. Adapt anything, absorb anything, then filter the good spirit to your life. So may i could kill this loneliness and this dont-know-what-to-do feeling to some thing to do and inspire me more. Hope so! :)

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