Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Thin Line of Consciousness

Sometimes i find my self desired something that my mind keep think about it and make it real in my mind, then become so passionate to make it real.  The goals that seems like an impossible dream, i dont even know is that what i really need.  But this is life, a process, phase by phase to getting by.  Sometimes we want something, then when we get it, we start to think that we are not really need that, then just waste it. I dont know, life is full of surprise, full of things i dont really understand.  But i like to being busy, to make it happen for my self, to take a chance, to feel again, to fall down and stand up again.  Even for now, my heart is feel like empty and wherever i go it feels like a just a space i must going through, without knowing where are my destination is.  The future is so blur, uncertain.  Sometimes i feel so afraid too.  
In life, i want many things, sometimes lack of dicipline and motivation.  But environment made me now, by people i really care.  The pebble sometimes annoy me, but why so worry if we have the bigger issue, bigger purpose to make our lives better.  
Welcome, a brand new day :)

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