Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Write it out!

I love writing. I really do. It starts when i was a very little kid since i remember, my father always tell a story before i sleep, and i always imagine and really excited.  When i grow up, my father always support me if i want to buy a book, even i collect penny or 'recehan' from everyone to bike far away then buy a newest crayon shinchan's comicbook. When i was high school, i start to buy novel, but most of them are not makes me satisfy.  So i really want to make the good book from my own version.  One of my Bahasa Teacher, is one of my father's friend, she is an idealist teacher then she push me to follow a competition at Balai Bahasa, and i write my first short story, 'Aku dan Dunia'. I'm very surprised that i won it at first place, but i failed at national level, and sign again next year with 'Sepasang Sayap Imajiner', then fail again. But it wont stop me. I just love to write, to vomit all my anxiousity into words.  When i'm in college for now, i love to write article, or blog like this, just feel relaxed when i can write all my feelings, make me feel good like i share and talk with my friend.  I need my friend to talk too, but when i write i can read it again someday and feel glad that i ever through that phase. Now, i must write with other's standard, at my paper, my final task for complete my graduation later.  A script.  Spend so much energy, but i love it when i just can try over and over again with something i can do.  At least i can do something about it.  I hate when i cant do anything to make my dream happen.  At least for now, i can try.  Step by step to my future.  Welcome!

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