Sunday, May 19, 2013


I think its silly idea to think that i still can't move on. Or its me that labelling my self, the fact is, i still can't find someone who can stay in a relationship with me (Or me) more than two years. I don't know, until now i think  i am go back like i was still on high school, date with a few man but its just like a crush and fling.  Its like a very mysterious fate that send me a man that just don't fit me for a long time, or not yet?.  I think its how the universe give me a damn lesson to fail again until finally i meet the right guy that makes all of this shit right. LOL.  Sometimes its so fun, i can meet and date all the man who come to me.  Try to go out with someone who may have different life-background, to have a relationship with people i dont really know, and i can't meet, meet someone who already married and have a son. I'm very open to have a communication or relationship to anyone. Its fun to meet people with any background. Fortunately i'm an open-minded and understanding. :)) Future is a very mysterious place, you can't make it predictable with analyse all the detail. Just enjoy and balance with everything comes. And make the best for everything. :)

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