Saturday, May 18, 2013


Tonight i stay in my dorm again after this long time.  At thursday i will start my research and do some interview.  Start a new thing to me, doing this job.  Somehow i like this atmosphere, at my last semester, doing research, write, maybe i just love writing, and being persistence to revision and revision until my adviser get satisfied.  I prefer being busy, i love being busy than have no idea what will i do.  I dont know what the best thing i can do, i try some of my hobby and feel just not right.  I want many things in life.  

I want to sing, i want to write a book, i want to study abroad, i want to have a promising job so i can earn so much money to buy my dream house and my dream car, i want to open restaurant with very delicious food, i want to open cozy cafe with bookstore and jukebox, i want to have my own clothing line so i can design edgy and cool clothes for my consumer and my self, i want a soulmate that could love me as much i love him and being loyal to me, i want to go travel and dont worry about money, damn, i want so many things in life. Lol. 

Human life in a level they can afford.  What i want for now, is the next level of my life, but before i go to the next level, i realize that i must finish this level first with a high score.  Can I? My dad advice me to life at sufficiently, have a low expectation so if you dont succeed you dont dissapoint much.  But i think my version of sufficient is just like this. LOL. And by the mean have a low expectation maybe just keep in mind that what i want like that just a dream and its okay, and acceptable if i can't get it right now. LOL.  Oh, i'm just talking about myself, but, this is the purpose of this blog, isn't it? For my personal journal so next month, next year, or next decade i can connect my laptop to internet and search this link then i can think about what i ever thought. Maybe.

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