Thursday, October 25, 2012


I just spent my hours by re-read the manga that always makes me inspire. Glass mask.  About Kitajima Maya who have passion to be actress.  In some ways, that story touch me then i ask my self, how far i'll go to reach my dream? What purpose that can makes me so determine to get ? Then the question continued, what i love most in this world? I dont know, some time life is not strictly clear for me.  I can do some things as a hobby like i like reading, watching movie, listening music and surfing in internet.  But i think it just to spend time.  My really goal in the future is be a bureaucrat, that for now i go into this college and change some things. But i dont think my goal is just to be a bureaucrat or civil servant.  I think i want to be the best in my field, to be an expert at what i do. In my colllege, i like politics, parties, policy and other subject that need analyze and read other's reference but not really good at numbers.  I really want to be a person who know what i want then keep persistence to reach it and cant hear a no.  Stubborn? I think it is okay as if i dont make some harm to others and not ignoring others.  I will turn it as a positive way to keep me moving.  I want to expert what i do now.  I dont want to spent years just for a waste things.  I want to be something.  And this journal will keep accompany me and right after i read this i hope i will always remember the reason i be here, in this dormitory away from family and away from the warmth of home.  I hope i always remember the reason to keep me have more passion in what i do.  To avoid myself doing something wasteful and just blank at what i do.  To making me clear about my path.  To keep moving on.

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