Sunday, October 28, 2012

Silence Morning

He came to me asking for something i cant handle.  He came with his skill to making me laugh and forget about the awkward feeling.  He makes me comfortable, yet curiousity.  Not again.  Not again in my life...
He's the old feeling that i develop little by little then i ignored.  He is the one that surround when i need someone to carry on.  He is the one that making me forget even a little about this may be hard.  He makes me forget that he's already have another person.

Sometimes i wonder in this life, is the parallel universe exist.  How things could be so different if i had make a small choice in my life that turn my future's path.  I dont want to be naive.  I need to be loved, then loving someone.  Then when i have a feeling to someone i became selfish, i just want to keep it for my self.  I became very selfish.  I need to fix things.  I dont want to play.  Because i think now i grow up, not to playing around.  It is just not me.

In this silence morning.  I just want to thankful.  You was there.  With me.  Laughing about our silly stuff.  Then just gazed when talked about feelings.  It is my fault to make it too heavy.  We have different purpose, then just stop by for a little while to entertained by our laugh.  I asking too much from you.  And you just cant.  Not now, or maybe not forever.  I must be thankful for your existence that bring some light, but you are not forever, and not means to be forever.  You are there just to acknowledge me to be happy at the moment then not think about the future that scares, or the past that left scars.  You remind me that i allowed to be happy just right there, beside you and just at that moment without asking more.  It is enough.  For me.  And for you.  It supposed to be enough.

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