Monday, October 29, 2012


Sometimes God send us a clue about happiness in a little things that exist.  Its our concious to understand, yet to feel.  The dynamic of everything, getting connected somehow to the universe.  Like Rumi's said, Life is a guesthouse and morning is a new arrival.  Never upset too long because life is go on, time is clicking.  Go for what you want and try hard to achieve your goal with vibrant then do it because you like, you love be here.  Try to love the little things, try to love life.

For me, it is just your clueless smile in the morning and give me the spirit to feel more positive in life.  For you who didnt notice yet, or you actually notice then ignore.  Seeing and believing you just give me the sunshine effects, i can't have sun, but i still able to enjoy the sunshine without take it for my self. I can feel the sunshine without make it darker to others.


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