Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Consumption

*a flower pen at my office
10.28 am.
Hanging at the office, not so much to do. Maybe some few week before i move into a new office.  I hope i will never take in mind on whatever i lost.  I hope i am strong enough to not feel attach to anything, its not like i am giving up to feel the connection to the world, its about i want to alive and appreciate more about what i get.  So i must understand that nothing belongs to me, and set my self free from a need to own something.  You can love a flower without a need to take it from its life.  Everyone have their own life, own path, you can love each other but you must understand you shall not make them your prisoner. Let them go, set them free and if your destiny is to be with them, i believe they cant going anywhere.

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