Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Man You Loved

*sky on the road to bengkayang

Its 1.50 a.m, few minutes after your message and your call before you keep dissapearing again.  Its nice, to see you again, to talk about how we missed each other and how stupid we are to keep waiting.  I'm sorry that i never break my wall to asking you more question, to need you more.  Its just, i know that i will love you enough that you can feel free to love me or not love me back. 

I dont want you to owe me something, i dont want you to love me because you should do it.  I want you to love me because you know you can decide, and you decide to love me.

Love is just a words, you just never know how it goes.  You can desperately love and want someone next second you will lose all of it, you just never know.  Nothing last forever, even love.  Its just flow, and you never know where it will ends.  

Life is just a short trip on a long road.  I dont want to lose the track.  But for now, i just want to be by your side.

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