Friday, February 20, 2015

A Love Letter

Hello, thank you for being there.  For just being there after a big storm i have in my life, a storm i cant handle with, you make me forget all the bad things happen behind.  Thank you for makes my day so bright until i cant see anything, just seeing you.  You makes me believe that i can feel something other than my broken heart, you make me believe in my self that i be able to love and be loved.

But its life, you cant have only a good day, you also gonna through some bad day.  And now, i must live it without you.  thank you for making me stronger than before, to taught me a lesson i can't learn my self.  Thank you for make the magic happen when i'm with you.

At first, its feel like a comfort zone.  And actually there is no such thing as comfort zone, its just a condition that your mind try to f*ck you up.  Its just an illution, to trap you. To make you a prisoner your whole life.  Maybe sometimes i'll end up hating why i'll feel this terrible things again. After i feel like its nice and amazing to have a new feeling, something new i never thought i could experience again.

But its just a dream, that finally i must wake my self up.  I must clearly open my eyes to the truth in front of me.

Its another piece of cake, and in this, i lose, and you, win.

So, let me write you a love letter, and kiss you a goodbye.  
Maybe in the next life, our destiny will cross and some magical things will happen, who knows.

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