Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Kind Of Sunday II

*my essentials on sunday morning

Watching : Talkshow Kick Andy @MetroTv. About Ika Natassa, Chef Marinka and Katherine who still being single at their 30, and what they do that makes them feel okay to being single and happy, and a story about Katherine, a host that finally getting married at 39.

Listening : Magic-Coldplay.  Its nice to lay down and listening this music and think about my love life.  Its feels like magic, something rare, something unusual, and something blurry but its just what it is, magic.  You dont need to ask how it goes, you dont suppose to know everything about it, your part here is just to enjoy whatever the magician brings you.  At least it is a great show!

Reading : Jatuh Cinta adalah Cara Terbaik Untuk Bunuh Diri - Bernard Batubara.  Its a book that tell you a story about love, thats a dramatic kind of love, because love doesnt have to always be the right thing to feel.  Thats so much kind of love you need to taste, so much experience you still dont know yet when you feel in love.

Working : I hope i finish my work for next month.  I have this bad habbit that sometimes when its through a long time, my passion and my motivation just lost at one kind of work and makes me dont care, like at all about what i do.  Its just stop.  Even i forgive my self because its just not feel right again but i promise to finish in the urge of my next plan.  At least, this would be my latest 3 work before i decide to quit on this or not.  Or i hope i find a new motivation on it. Wish me luck!

Writing : Until now only this blog because my mind is so lazy this week, all i want to do just go to work-sleep-listening to music and lay down or go out with my bf.  Its like i have nothing that burn me again, it feels like my mind, my brain is empty and losing the ability to the critical thinking.  Maybe i need some book to keep motivate me, or maybe i need some new sport to improve my dicipline's muscle!

Thinking : I have to change, i need a new habbit, i dont want to spend my life just like this.  I have to do what i have to do to pursue my goals, my targets.  I will start look for some new motivation, and short term goals to stick with it.  Lets start!

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