Saturday, February 21, 2015

What To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

So i just find so much space in my head, my heart, my time.  Its empty, and everywhere i look its just nothing.  I dont know if its kind of depressing or what but i know i must change this.  Maybe its started when i meet a guy that feels like complete me, we spend a lot of time together.  I think he can fill my emptiness... Even i know we cant be together, but i'm happy with him.  And then one thing to another i must leave him, or he finally understand that he must leave me.  

and after he left,he just leave a hole.  A hole that bigger than before.  A hole that i cant understand how to fill it when i just not motivated to do anything.  Killing time just with sleeping and sleeping and i wake up getting no peace but a loss more than before.

And then i wake up and write this. Try to find out what to do, by write it. Even i really have no mood to write something, or express any feeling.  But i just write, not because i want, because i must.

At first, i spend my time running.  About one hours. 

After that i buy a dvd, this is a list:
1.  The Imitation Game
2.  Love, Rosie
3.  Interstellar
4.  The Woman In Black 2: Angel Or Death
5.  The Boy Next Door
6.  Wild Card
7.  Fugitive At 17
8.  PK
9.  Vice

I still think to find something interesting to do.  I want to being busy as many as i can, so i can sleep feel tired and cant think about anything.  But i dont want to do many things too. Ya. that complicated. 

Tomorrow i will buy a book, or find a library to extend my card.

I have to get busy with something.

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