Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Very Happy Birthday

I think i'm an introvert person, i'm easy to be bored and annoyed with people and i enjoy my self so much.  Sometimes i dont like to be with other people, i dont have so many friends too.  Thats a rare i have a friend that last long, because i dont hang out much.  Especially when hang-out with girl-friends, sometimes i just dont have a same topic (like make up, boys over and over again*i like this topic, but not that much*).  Mostly my close friend (thats usually hang out with me) is boys.  They are less care, less drama, less 'rempong' and less sensitive. If make friends with boys, i think they will be okay if i'm quite ignore them, i dont really like to involve with all part of their life, just hang-out and do some 'fun-thing' or 'killing-time'.  So there is just a very few girls that hang out with me and i can claim it as 'my friends'.  One of them is Mega Adelika, one of my high school mate until i'm in college.  We share same 'petak' at last year in college and share some issues.  We involve at some 'detective' case (LOL), we share some curiousity about things that happened but dont want to bother others.  We share some story together, especially recently, i always share story about my latest crush and i dont bother to tell her. :))

I hope the best for you, dear friends, hope you get everything you want and you need!

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