Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Books Week

Tittle : What I Talked About When I Talk About Running : A Memoir
Author/Writer : Haruki Murakami
Original Publisher : Japan, Bungeishunju, LTD, Tokyo in 2007
Publisher : Borzoi Book, by Alfred A.Knoff Translation @2008
Pages : 132

Finished at : October 9th 2013
ebook Version

Resume (A Very Personal Opinion)

This is a book that will show you a simple, soft and inspire things that may motivate you to do something in your life persistently, to love what you do with all the detail of happiness such as the atmosphere, or the stranger you met.  And for Haruki Murakami, it is running.  Its not just a hobby, but also a reflection, or if i can makes a methapor, like a religion, the basic idea, basic principles you can adopt to make your life balance and not lose the path you can follow.  Because sometimes, like he said in this book, people may have million reason not to do it (for this case, running) but he know one reason why he do it and he'll keep it everyday, commit to the reason and continously stick to that.

I think this book is taught me how to be persistent and commit to one thing and make the motivation keep alive when you do something you passionate about.  Its a memoir of Haruki Murakami, i think its make me keep adore him so much, the last book i read from him is Norwegian Wood, i can see the worry in his word, loneliness that reflect at the story. He dig his feeling so deep and feel relief because he finally can set the words free. It is the interest part of being a writer too, to set the words free and speak, even sometimes its a trash.

Write in this blog is some kind of it too, write makes me more calm down and feel relief because sometimes in my head and heart sometimes there is something that asking to come out.  Something asking me to spill it out, speak it out or write it down.  Its relaxing and kinda therapy for my self (plus using my time in the middle of the night when i still cant sleep and dont know what to do).  Of course reading this book is very inspiring, natural and dont have a 'hard conflict'.  This book makes me not see the problem in front of me, but see more inside of me.

Rating: 5 from 5 (5/5) *very recommended
"Because its simple, its deep and the words is kinda poetic (really my type)."

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