Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Experience of experiment

Sometimes life divide at two sides, like a coin.  The coin have a side, that you can call pro and other side called cons.  Its undeniable.  So now, i'm overthink.  I just try so many random and pressure thing and that things just got into my mind.  I'll try to relax more.

All i know, whatever it is, i'll try my best.  Even sometimes i dont show my best too because somehow its just not what i want to do.  Then this is one function of my blog, to be the place to make all the busy thoughts on my head right now be a little bit quiet.  I just worry, worry about one thing and another, and let people's thought get into my head.  I regret things much too.  About what i said, what i've done.  Just so many thoughts right now.  I think i should sleep, my body feels tired but my brain still work and worry things, so i will try to do something rather than just lay in my bed.

Somehow you dont get what you want, but you allow to do all you have, maintain your resource if its all you can get.  The opportunity that you have, the only opportunity must you take to open another step, next challenge, every first time experience is a benefit to other experience.  You must realize and be here, at the present, full conscious to know that you dont 'just' do it.  You make it happen.  One thing will lead to another, watch your step and make it right at the first move you can get.  The first move is reflect your awakeness to going forward, to make something that makes you leave what you have behind.  Try to keep your negative' that will turn you into something you don't, jealousy, anger, hatred just dont fit if you can let your brain works at the positive' side.  You must full awaken to change your trigger to the other brightside.  Life is full of battle that you can't win if you dont realize who do you want to be, what do you want to do and where do you want to end for.

It is easy to find perspective, but it is hard to feel it, to think about it and keep it as our perspective.  Otherwise the things that you can write is not as easy as you can do. Perspective is one thing, doing is another thing.  I hope, what i do now is on the right tracks, open new chances, develop my self and makes me a better person, but at least, i will take it as an experience.

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