Thursday, October 3, 2013

Whats Next?

In life, there would be so much thing happening, or nothing at all.  Many things that not like the book you read or the experience you ever heard.  Life is whats happening in you like no one else.  You can't predict, but you can't unpredict it too.
But life is beautiful, even in pain. Somehow i know, like the term 'life is never flat'.  There is always something that can makes you smile, there will always be another option.  Life would never be fair, but somehow, you could find a hole that makes you see through it all. Life is fair to be unfair.  Even it goes unfair in one side, it doesnt in other side. Because nothing perfect and happiness is very subjective.

For now, after the 'hardest point' at my academic phase, i will move on to another step.  I still dont know yet where i'm gonna stop, my limited view, limited perspective to see the big big world.  I dont know, i will try sometimes, or not try, its not my decision right now, because i will make the decision when i must make the decision (what a very confuse statement). Honestly, i confused too, but i accept it with all of my heart.  Because, you must feel 'lost' first to feel 'find' again.  I hope i will find my right tune, and will be on the right track to make it happen.  But behind everything, i will try to find the next step.  Next dream to catch and next thing to make me busy and drawn in life whatever i will call it, 'experience' or 'dream comes true'.  Lets find ourself!

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