Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thankyou very much

*suprise from @egadelika & @melyaastriani at 12 pm

Life is weird. When you think all the bad things would go worse then its going fine, and when you think all be fine things start to mess up.  Today, i think is the 'fine'-part that God show me, i still have friends that willing to have some 'bussiness' to surprising me. Thankyou very much! Even i know that i am not the kind of 'best-friend' too to them, but i always feel so grateful to know them.  Kinda relief me that i know they still have enough care and forgive me for all mistaken i ever made. Life is weird, and i can't stop surprised.

Thankyou very much.
I hope nothing but the best for you too, Mega & Melya.

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