Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Birthday One Of My Favourite Girl!


As i count down my time to left the campus, there is some memories that can't be forgotten.  One of them is my time with one of my fav girl, Melya.  She is one of best friend i ever had, especially, we going through some similar 'events' of romance.  :)) There is so many experience, so many lesson that will be left at the dormitory, four years is not a short-period that i've been through.  So many happiness, so many tears...

I should have a big big heart to accept all of the moment with whole package, tears and smiles, love and hate, everything.  But after all, i am very happy to going through it with some amazing friends that always support me, calm me down, show me some 'brightside'.

Writing this somehow is kinda hard cause makes me remind about what i ever go through.  Mostly i remember the pain, i remember the tears and sadness that comes over and over again, i remember how i can see my self then so pathetic and desperate.  The lowest point in my life.

And then i will feel grateful because finally i can go forward, i can go on.  I can stand up again after the fall.  Someone to accompany me at that moment is very precious, because i dont know if i ever through that situation again alone, the situation could be worse.  But thats life, and somehow now i accept it.  

Okay, done with my self, i just wishing you a very happy birthday, my beloved friend, thanks for the moment we share together, for ears that listening my story, for existence that accompany my sadness and for the joyful at my happiness.

I always wish you have the best in life!
happy birthday again, Melya Astriani

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