Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Main Cast : Sandra Bullock as dr. Ryan Stone | George Clooney as Matt Kowalski |
Directed by : Alfonsi Cuaron
Written by: Alfonso Cuaron
Distributed by : Warner Bros Picture
Running Time : 90 Minutes

Wed, 21.15 Cinema 2 XXI Ayani Pontianak

*warning: contain spoiler*

As a science fiction thriller movie, especially with 3D effect, Gravity succeed make me feel a little bit jetlagged because the cinematic effect and the setting that make us as an actor that swing around at space.  Beside of the dizzy effect, i think this movie is played well with Bullock and Clooney, even the rumor Angelina Jolie and Robert Downey Junior almost play this movie, it will be a totally different if they act on this.  Bullock is succeed capture the image of an amateur of space (as a biomedical engineer) that was very fragile, confuse of space's concept, and Clooney succeed to capture the image of calm and trained astronout that will break your heart. 

This movie also show the moral with a dramatic life of dr Ryan Stone that through a loneliness, dissapointment and sorrow because a loss of her daughter with 'silly' accident, and how she finally awake from the boring and sorrow life to feel more motivated to move on and try hard to save herself, even there is no end, like life there would be always another problem to solve and another thing to reach.  Your eyes would be please too with a view from out-space, a quiet, strange and unique view that you can see through the astronout's eyes.

Rating: Three from Five (3/5)
+2 for the moral story, +1 for the outer space view, -1 for dizziness and -1 for the crash(cool but makes me kinda worried).

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