Friday, October 18, 2013

are we remembering or forgetting?


Time flies fast, will go on, left everyone behind.  Time cant go back and cant repeat.  So what is time? Is it our standard, to measure second, minute, hour, day, but for real, what is time? Is that our memory, that measure the moment we going through, is time measure by our ability to remember things that happened in past?  So whats happen at your past that would make you to going back? Is it worth your past?

Whats the part of your past that worth enough to going back to your past?
Are you sure your present is not precious, or precious thing is just something that happened in past?

For sure, i dont know.  Sometimes memory is sweet enough to makes me close my eyes and remembering old things that even i find it hard to remember but i will always love to going back, just to feel the pain.  The experience that i would never regret, the amazing things, the painful fights or the suffering and loneliness.  

This is the last part of my college year, twelve days before the graduation that will make me leave everything behind.  I wish.  Sometimes i find it hard to let go, i always hard to let go something that not belong to me anymore.

But i know, i have to move on.

Sometimes when i'm afraid of my present, i find it easy just to going back to my past, remembering beautiful things, just want to forget, that i ever had a really good time.

For now, i still grievin, i think for the rest in my life.  There would be something to regret, and something to remind me of past.  I will never change it, i will never forget it, i just going through it, day by day while i figure out what to do, figure out whats the best for me and doing anything i could get.

Time goes on, life goes too.  

Could you make me remembering you?

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